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Lecture 1

JS 211gw Lecture 1: Lecture 1 Notes cont’d

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Judaic Studies
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JS 211gw

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Lecture 1 Notes contd: Genocide is not unique to one grp. Types of Genocides Can be used: to settle differences, to promote one ethnic grp to dominate other grps. Take place in colonization, to colonize the population. To enforcefulfill political ideologies. Ideological Committed in the aim of promoting a particular idea Ex: Nazis genocide of Jews (a racial ideology); Turkish on Armenians (Turkish nationalism); Soviets of Kulacs, saying creating fully equal class Retributive A punishing policy, punishing through murder, domination of a grp to another (Govts punishment to the grps threatening the power structure) Ex: French ??? Syria (destroying the ppl who are gonna threaten the reign) Developmental Aim of eliminating an indigenous population. The indigenous population always stands outside of the colonizers structure. if we want to expand our land, we have to kill them Was it the aim to kill NA? or to create a structure that NA stood out of the structure? Ex: Australians, wanted the land; Communist China and Tibet Despotic To consolidate the power of the reign, to make clear to others that we arewill be in power Conditions of genocide Victims are collectively definedlabeled Isolated from other grps, systematic and deliberate process Victim grp always are minorities within a society, may be tolerated for a moment, but never equal. State necessary to carry out genocide Those who commit the genocide make the evidence disappear All they need: army, power to carry out an order, social influence, resources, communication systems Catalyst Transforms the normal reality to a more extreme reality, genocidal. The state has to be able to present the argument that if we dont destroy them, they will destroy us defensive stance Victim grp degraded A purposeful intent to make the victim grp has no value, dehumanization Inaction of international community
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