ADV 378S Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Talk Radio, Season Ticket, Revenue Sharing

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10 May 2016
ADV 378 Feb 3
Sports Law:
Key Concepts
oLeagues have cooperative and competitive characteristics
oTwo basic models
Single entity vs. traditional/association models of ownership impacts
restraint of trade
oLeagues have a variety of stakeholders with distinct needs and issues
Who are the stakeholders?
oCommissioner, Teams, Owners, Players, Players Associations, Agents, and the
o“Best Interests of the Sport”
oJudge and Jury
oCollective Bargaining, Arbitration, and “Just Cause”
oOwner “Lackey”?
oCan be created, moved, or dissolved by owner vote
oValue has increased despite economy/records
oGenerally, keep local broadcast/ticket income (Except NFL)
oIn charge of the product they put on display
oCan fine and suspend players subject to the limitations of the CBA
oMostly individuals but increasingly corporations (Except NFL)
oUsually a managing partner/limited partner structure
oEnjoyed onerous control until current generation
oTraditionally little influence
oStrictly labor, not management
oLabor negotiations strikes, CBA’s have improved leverage
Players Associations
oMajor reason for growing player influence
Wage increases
Free agency
Bidding wars
Grievance procedures
More valuable now
oTeam negotiations
oFinancial management
oMedia representation
oMust register with the union
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