ADV 378S Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Nancy Kerrigan, Anheuser-Busch, International Skating Union

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10 May 2016
ADV 378 Mar 21st:
Olympic Structure
The Olympics
oInternational Olympic Committee (IOC)
Founded in 1894 to revive the ancient Greek Games
Grants rights to host summer and winter games every four years
Serves as the umbrella organization for various domestic affiliates
(National Olympic Committees)
Interacts with international sports federations which control
particular sports
Owns and controls the intellectual property including the Olympic
rings, motto, and flame
Like the UN of Olympic sports but its chief executive can impose its will,
more like league commissioners but without checks and balances
President is elected for 8 years with one additional 4-year renewable
term allowed
IOC has 115 members
Executive board yields the power
oInternational National Olympic Communities (USOC)
Sole authorities responsible for the representation of countries at the
USOC mostly from donations and sponsorships
Authority to recognize a national governing body for any amateur sport
USOC battled with AAU/College Sports/Other independent bodies for
control until the 70’s when a Presidential (Ford) Commission was set up
to make recommendations
oInternational Athletic Federations
Worldwide governing bodies of various sports
Regulates, conducts international competitions
Determines eligibility, worldwide rules of play
Chooses judges and referees
Resolves technical issues like equipment
Often centralized and autocratic
Often subject of strong criticism of judging
FIBA, International Gymnastic Federation, etc.
oNational Governing Bodies
Each international governing body (federation) has a national governing
In charge of running sport within the country
EX: International Skating Union = US Figure Skating and Speed Skating
oOrganizing Committees of the Olympic Games
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