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Lecture 21

GEOL 103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Calcite, Wise Use Movement, Parent Material

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GEOL 103
Gray Dean

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Land and Soil
How is land a resource?
What governs our use of lands?
How does soil form? What are the 5 factors?
How is soil lost?
How can we reduce soil losses?
What are pedocals, pedalfers and laterite soils?
Why is soil so important?
Explain the impacts of Sprawling
I. Consequences of Sprawl
A. Economic
a. Sprawl is the most expensive way for humans to live
B. Environmental
a. Impact of infrastructure & habitation
b. Increased use of resources
C. Agricultural
a. Loss of prime agricultural land
D. Human Health
a. Increased air & water pollution
b. Decreased physical activity
c. Loss of community
II. Public Lands in the U.S.
A. “Wise Use Movement”- Advocates who seek to maximize the use
of public lands for mining, logging, recreation etc.
B. Largest land owner in the U.S. is the federal govt
C. Public lands mainly used for
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