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Lecture 6

HIST 3010 Lecture 6: Notes 04.06.17

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HIST 3010

WEEK 12: PROSTITUTION AND MEN TH 4/6 RICH AND GUIDROZ, “SMART GIRLS WHO LIKE SEX: TELEPHONE SEX WORKERS,” SEX FOR SALE. REBECCA MEAD, "AMERICAN PIMP," NEW YORKER.** RICH AND GUIDROZ, “SMART GIRLS WHO LIKE SEX: TELEPHONE SEX WORKERS,” SEX FOR SALE. • these girls do the work for o 1. Money o 2. See phone sex as most lucrative option o 3. Feel reasonably comfortable discussing phone sex over the phone • Still get stigma from other people in the building who know what they do • Informal training and tips traded among coworkers • IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT AND STIGMA o Keep home and work extremely separated o Embarrassed to tell their families and friends o Puts stress on worker to keep double lives separate o Puts strain and kills most romantic relationships with other men • MAINTAINING SELF-ESTEEM o Put other sex workers down to elevate themselves o Emphasize how their job doesn’t require physical contact, making it less slutty than a street walker or escort’s job o Emphasize how their job calls for professionalism and that it’s emotionally taxing • MALE CALLERS AND WORK IDENTITY o On the good side: ▪ More confidence sexually and over men ▪ Gave them more knowledge to better their sex life ▪ Comes because they see men for what they really are, just stupid and pathetic and desperate ▪ See their work as community service as they keep those with taboo fetishes and violent fantasies from actually carrying out their desires ▪ Educate customers on importance of female orgasm o On the bad side: ▪ Made them lose their respect for men ▪ Feel uncomfortable doing violent/strange fantasies ▪ Makes having a long-term relationship and marriage hard REBECCA MEAD, "AMERICAN PIMP," NEW YORKER.** • Dennis Hof owns Bunnyranch and likes to call himself America’s Pimpmaster General • Is very into business and wants to expand its products and include adventure • Discusses the vision of Hof and the working conditions of the women • Hof wants his place to be modern and be an “adult Disneyland” because he wants his work to be more than just sex, he wants it to be a sexual adventure for the customers • Even markets towards couples and single males • The women work three weeks at a time and are considered independent contractors with the Bunnyranch • Have rules, like don’t talk about boyfriend or kids in the parlor in case customers overhear and they all line up at the sound of a buzzer • Rules of the house, like don’t try to act lewd and steal a customer from another sex worker • Seems like a business-like environment with the girls recommended to get their own accountants for taxes, “office prizes” where the highest earning girl gets a prize, and they pay for their own laundry and condoms and rides out of town but get some complimentary things like food • Writer is skeptical about Hof but portrays the working environment as normal, mundane even for the girls and not horrible IN –CLASS NOTES • Rebecca Mead is disgusted with Dennis Hof • Basically Dennis Hof is a royal douchebag • Phone sex is the most detached kind of “fake sex” out there, even less-contact than certain fetishes • Men mostly call women for phone sex and hope women will fall in love with them but also feel contempt for these women for being in the business • The women know their clients are “losers”, but do the work for the money • There is a disconnect between what the men want (love, companionship, sex) and
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