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Virginia Commonwealth University
Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science
HPEX 357

Cancer STIHIV Ccontraceptionabortion Major disease, CVD disease 15. Cancer Personal safety Environmental health Motivational interviewing Incidence of Cancer o 1.6 mill americans are diagnosed yearly o Second leading cause of death in US o ACS estimates that the fiveyear survival rate for all cancers diagnosed bw 2002 and 08 is 68 o Screening and selfexaminations are crucial What is cancer o Abnormal, uncontrolled multiplication of cells, which can ultimately cause death if left untreated Most cancers take form of tumors (neoplasm) that is mass of titsue that serves no physiological purpose Can be either benign or malignant o Benign (noncancerous) can contain cancer cells o Malignant is synonymous with cancercan invade surrounding structure Lung cancer most, new prostate men Female new breast cancer, most lung? How does cancer begin o Mutations o Begins with change (mmutation) in cell that allows cell to grow and divide when it should not Usually cells multiply at rate just sufficient to replace dying cells Malignant cells divide into new cells wo egard for normal control mechanisms and gradually produces mass of abnormal cells o Metastasis is spread of cancer cells from one part to another body partmakes early detection critical o Most cancers named for organ or type of cell in which they originate Normal vs malignant cells o Invasivenessabilty to grow out of control o Anaplasia failure to differentiate o Metastasis ability to spread and divide elsewhere in the body Risk factors for cancer o Dnasome mutations are inherited but others caused by environmental agents radiation, viruses) that will promote gene expression o Tobacco usesmoking responsible for 80 of lung cancers and 30 of all cancer deaths
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