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Class Notes for Economics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

ECON 2005 Lecture 27: Lecture 27 Notes Taxes

Lecture 27 Notes Taxes The government needs to collect taxes to pay...

ECON 2005 Lecture 24: Lecture 24 Notes Types of Goods

Lecture 24 Notes The Sources of Market Failure Market Failure Occur...

ECON 2005 Lecture 26: Lecture 26 Notes Income and Wealth Inequality

Lecture 26 Notes Chapter 18 Income Distribution and Poverty Issue: ...

ECON 2005 Lecture 25: Lecture 25 Notes Externalities

Lecture #25 Notes Sources of Market Failure Market Fail...

ECON 2005 Lecture 23: Lecture 23 Notes Information in Markets

Lecture 23 Notes Firms Firms minimize transaction costs by making t...

ECON 2005 Lecture 22: Lecture 22 Notes Trust Regulation

Lecture 22 Notes Regulation The government may regulate industries ...

ECON 2005 Lecture 17: Lecture 17 Notes SR & LR Adjustments

Lecture #17 Notes Short Run to Long Run In the short ru...

ECON 2005 Lecture 18: Lecture 18 Notes Market Failure and Monopolies

Lecture 18 Notes Sources of Market Failure Market Failure Occurs wh...

ECON 2005 Lecture 19: Lecture 19 Notes Monopolies & Price Discrimination

Lecture 19 Notes Price and Output Decisions in Pure Monopoly Market...

ECON 2005 Lecture 15: Chapter 7- Lecture 15

Costs Fixed Costs: dont change with quantity Variable costs: do cha...

ECON 2005 Lecture 13: Chapter 7-- Lecture 13/14

Firms What is a firm? Economists view a firm as a bundle of contrac...

ECON 2005 Lecture 15: Lecture 15 Notes Types of Costs

Lecture 15 Notes There are 4 Important Types of Cost: Fixed Costs o...

ECON 2005 Lecture 14: Lecture 14 Notes Firms Decisions

Lecture 14 Notes Behavior of ProfitMaximizing Firms Profit (economi...

ECON 2005 Lecture 13: Lecture 13 Notes Firms and Costs

Lecture 13 Notes Firms Economic units formed by profitseeking entre...

ECON 2005 Lecture 2: Lecture 2 Notes Basic Economic Principles

Lecture 2 Notes Learning How to Think Like an Economist The mistake...

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Take a look at the big picture. This chart covers national income a...

Business and Political Economy Program
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E-Business Marketing
ECN 102
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LAW 356
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