ANT 2100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Pseudoscience

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Natalie Dodd
Anthropology 2100: Day One Notes – Part One: Anthropology, In General
What is Anthropology
oAnthropology is the study of human nature, human societies, and the
human past.
- Considered one of the most social of one of the sciences, and
one of the most scientific of the social sciences.
- Focuses heavily on the collection of data, quantitative or
- Quantitative is the numbers/amounts, qualitative is the what
oAnthropology is a broad, holistic field
oAnthropology is a social science
oAnthropology is concerned with the comparison of human societies,
cultures, pasts, and presents
Where did the discipline of anthropology come from?
oAnthropology emerged differently in Europe and in the United States
and the fields are structures differently as a result
oIn this course we will be more focused on Americanist Anthropology.
The American School of Anthropology
oAnthropology as a discipline has a history of racism
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find more resources at
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