COMM 110 Lecture 17: Notes for class -April 19th

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24 Apr 2017
Group vs. Team
Both are 3 or more people
Both have individuals with unique skills
o For a team, they are dependent on each other
Few things in common, team is greater and shared goals
o Team there is greater uniformity
Task oriented: help remain on task
Procedural: how to
Climate: positive, comfortable climate
Ego-centric: self-centered
Autocratic: leadership
Democratic: everyone was equal in the group
Interaction patterns
Different patterns:
o Each person relays information to another person and so on
o One person relays information back and forth between the group members
o One person relays the info only to the group members
Size of Group:
Work equity
Balance of responsibility
Group Cohesion
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find more resources at
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