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Lecture 16

NURS 364 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Central Nervous System, Neurotransmitter, Myosatellite Cell

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NURS 364
Deborah Van Kuiken

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Neurological Disorders
Nursing 364: Pathophysiology
Functions of the Nervous System
Communication and coordination
1. Sensory input
Gathering information
To monitor changes occurring inside and outside the body (changes = stimuli)
2. Integration
Process and interpret sensory input and decide if action is needed.
3. Motor output
A response to integrated stimuli
The response activates muscles or glands
Structural Classification of the Nervous System
Central Nervous System
1. Brain & spinal cord
Peripheral Nervous System
1. Nerve outside the brain and spinal cord
2. Input-output system for relaying information to CNS
Structural Classification of the Nervous System
Nervous Tissue: Neurons
Neurons = nerve cells
1. Cells specialized to transmit messages
2. Major regions of neurons
Cell body – nucleus and metabolic center of the cell
Processes – fibers that extend from the cell body
Dendrites - carry impulses towards the cell
Axon - carry impulses away from the cell
Nervous Tissue: Neurons
Most are found in the central nervous system
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