MATH 1004

Calculus for Engineering or Physics

Carleton University

Limits. Differentiation of the elementary functions. Rules of differentiation. Inverse trigonometric functions. Applications of differentiation: max-min problems, curve sketching, approximations.Definite and indefinite integrals, techniques of integration. Applications to areas and volumes.
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Mark Blenkinsop

MATH 1004 Syllabus for Mark Blenkinsop — Fall 2018

MATH 1004 Calculus for Engineering or Physics
Section A, Fall 2018
Instructor Mark Blenkinsop
Office 5260 HP
Twitter @mblenkin math, also embeded on cuLearn using our course hashtag, and you
can visit math/ (open access).
Lectures (section A) Tuesday and Thursday 14:30-16:00 in (TBD).
(section B) Wednesday and Friday 16:00-17:30 in (TBD).
(section C) Tuesday and Thursday 11:30-13:00 in (TBD).
Tutorials Thursday 16:30-17:30. Confirm your assigned room before the first tutorial.
Assignments Due at the beginning of tutorial on 18 Oct and 29 Nov.
Tests During tutorial on 4 Oct, 1 Nov, 22 Nov.
Office Hours Thursday 13:30-14:30, Friday 15:00-16:00, or by appointment, and subject to change.
You can also visit any TA (their office hours will be posted on cuLearn).
Textbook The ABC’s of Calculus, by Angelo Mingarelli, 2017 Edition (available only from the
author in his office, 4380 HP).
Tutorial Manual The Tutorial Compendium for First Year Calculus, 2nd Edition by Mark Blenkinsop,
Prometheus Press (available only from the author in his office, 5260 HP).
MS-LAP Math & Stats Learning Assistance Program supports first year mathematics courses.
It helps students achieve their goals by providing learning support and solutions to
homework questions through assistance videos, available on cuLearn.
Grading Assignments (each worth 10%): 20 %
Tests (Best 2 of 3, each worth 15%): 30 %
Tutorial Work: 10%
Final: 40 %
Important Dates
6 Sept First day of class
13 Sept First day of tutorial
5 Oct Exam schedule released
8 Oct Statutory holiday (no classes)
22-26 Oct Reading week (no classes, no office hours)
7 Dec Last day of all classes which follows a Monday schedule
9-21 Dec Exam period
A 3-hour final examination will be held during the exam period, covering the entire course. DO
NOT schedule flights or other departures during the exam period until the dates are known.
Tutorials are compulsory. TA’s will provide interactive practice problems which everyone needs to
attempt. You are encouraged to work in groups, and only one solution paper needs to be submitted.
Tutorials are one of the best opportunities for learning, and form an integral part of understanding
and preparation for the final exam. The listed Tutorial Compendium is a proven reference for
students: It is a record of all tutorial questions and solutions you may face throughout the term.
Assignments are comprehensive: They are challenging, thorough, and encourage learning, in an
effort to prepare you for the final exam. Assignments will be due at the beginning of tutorials on the
above specified dates. We suggest you DO NOT have others hand in your assignment papers, since
each student is responsible for their own submission. You may work together, but it is imperative
that you understand the solutions you present.
Tests will be held during tutorials on the above specified dates. Only the best number of tests
(specified above) will be counted, and no make up tests will be offered. No explanation is needed for
a missed test, but you are strongly advised to write every test in order to properly prepare yourself
for the final exam.
Any uncollected marked works (such as tests, assignmnets, and tutorial papers) will be destroyed
after the final exam. Any issues with term grades must be addressed before the final exam.
Conduct and Content Policies
Incidents of cheating will be dealt with in a formal fashion. All suspected incidents and supporting
documentation will be forwarded to The Office of The Dean of Science.
This course uses cuLearn. Additional content will be posted and announced to all students. In the
event of class cancellation by the instructor, lecture notes will be posted on cuLearn in lieu of lecture.
All supplementary content related to course material is testable.
All classroom teaching and learning activities (lectures and tutorials), and cuLearn content is
COPYRIGHTED. Students are encouraged to take notes and make copies of course materials
for their own educational use. However, students are NOT PERMITTED to snap pics, record
lectures, share files, etc., or distribute content in any way without permission.
Email is a formal route of communication, and should have a reasonable expectation of response in
4-7 days. Twitter is an informal and non-sensitive route of communication with a general expectation
of a much quicker response. DO NOT use Twitter to solicit a faster email response. Please note that
emails pertaining to questions clearly addressed in this outline, and repeat emails, might not garner
a response. Instead an announcement Tweet might be made. Critically important information will
be sent out via email.
Accommodation Policies
Students with disabilities requiring academic accommodations in this course must register with the
Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities (PMC) for a formal evaluation of disability-related
needs, and have a Letter of Accommodation sent to the Instructor by their Coordinator. Students
entitled to accommodation must confirm their need with the Instructor before the first test or as-
signment. If you require accommodations only for the final exam, you must request accommodations
by the last official day to withdraw from classes.
Accommodations for other reasons such as religious obligation, or parental leave, will be done only in
accordance with University policy. These policies are administered by the office of Equity Services.

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