MATH 1104

Linear Algebra for Engineering or Science

Carleton University

Systems of linear equations. Matrix algebra. Determinants. Invertible matrix theorem. Cramer?s rule. Vector space R^n; subspaces, bases. Eigenvalues, diagonalization. Linear transformations, kernel, range. Complex numbers (including De Moivre?s theorem). Inner product spaces and orthogonality. Applications.
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Mohammed Sadeghi

MATH 1104 Syllabus for Mohammed Sadeghi — Fall 2018

Math 1104 C Linear Algebra, Fall 2018
Instructor: Dr. Mohammad R Sadeghi
5260 HP Tel: 613-520-2600 ext. 8673
Office Hours: Tue & Thu: 2:45 3:45 pm
Textbook: Linear Algebra and its Applications, Fifth Edition, by David C. Lay, Steven R. Lay,
and Judi J. McDonald. Loose-leaf/ “À la carte edition”
Additional References:
1- Linear Algebra and its Applications, Third Edition by
Mohammad R. Sadeghi & Jabir Abulrahman
2- A First Course in Linear Algebra, by Rob Beezer, Online
3- Elementary Linear Algebra, First Canadian Edition, Venit, Bishop and Brown
Prerequisite: Ontario Grade 12 Mathematics: Geometry and Discrete Mathematics; or an OAC
in Algebra and Geometry; or MATH 0005; or equivalent; or permission of the school.
Lectures: Tue & Thur.: 4:05 to 5:25 pm at AT 301
Classes start on Thur. Sep 6, and classes end at Thur. Dec 6
Tutorials: Thur. 2:35-3:25 pm starting Sept. 13
Students Last name
TAs name
TAs email address
SA 406
A. C.
Yanzhe Zhang
SA 317
D. H.
Ke Xu
ME 3165
I. Muh.
Evan Gibney
SA 402
Mus. Sh.
Anton Galica
SA 304
Si Z.
Dmytro Sytnik
Evaluation: 10% Tutorial attendance
40% Tests (The best 2 tests out of 3 tests)
50% Final Exam
Tutorial Work There will be a one hour tutorial each week. Except for the three test weeks, the tutorials
will be devoted to problem solving. Please make sure to always go to the tutorial section you are
registered in.
Term Tests
There will be three 50-minute tests held in the tutorial hours on:
Oct 4, Nov 8, Nov 29.
There will be no make-up tests. Students are allowed to miss one test without penalty. In case when a
student misses more than one test due to illness (supported by a doctor note) jury duty or extreme
personal misfortune, the term mark may be pro-rated. It is each student’s responsibility to collect the
marked tests from the TA. The test papers are normally distributed in the tutorial session following the
date of the test.
Final Examination:
There will be a 3-hour exam scheduled during the usual exam period. It is the responsibility of
each student to be available at the time of the final examination. In particular, no travel plans for
the examination period in December should be made until the examination schedule is published.
Only non-programmable, non-graphing calculators for the tests and the final examination.
You are responsible for keeping up with information announced in class or sent to your connect email
account. The following course schedule is approximate, and may change subject to the progress of the
class. The material covered on each test will be announced in class one week before the test.
Tentative Course Schedule
The following week by week schedule is subject to change depending on the progress of the course
Sept 6
Systems of Linear Equations
Sept 12 , Sept 14
1.2, 1.3, 1.4
Row Echelon Forms , Vector Equation, Matrix Equation Ax = b,
Sept 19 , Sept 21
1.5 , 2.1
Solution Sets of Linear Systems, Matrix Operations,.
Sept 26, Sept 28
2.2, 2.3, 3.1
Inverse of a Matrix, Characterizations of Invertible Matrices, Determinants,
Oct 3 , Oct 5
3.2, 3.3
Properties of Determinants, Cramer’s Rule
Oct 10 , Oct 12
2.8, 1.7, 2.9
Subspaces of , Linear dependence, Dimension and Rank
Oct 17 , Oct 19
1.8, 1.9
Introduction to Linear Transformations, The Matrix of a Linear Transformation
Oct 22 , Oct 26
Oct 31 , Nov 2
5.1, 5.2
Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues, The Characteristic Equation
Nov 7 , Nov 9
Nov 14 , Nov 16
App B
Complex Numbers, Complex Eigenvalues
Nov 21 , Nov 23
Inner Product, Length and Orthogonality
Nov 28 , Nov 30
Orthogonal Sets
Dec 5 , Dec 7
Orthogonal Projections, Final Exam Review
Math Tutorial Centre: You can study and get help from teaching assistants in the Math Tutorial centre.
It is located in HP3422 and is open Monday-Thursday 11:00am-4:00pm, and Fridays 11:30am-3:30pm.
You may also join the Math & Stats Learning Assistance Program which offers extra support for first year
mathematics courses. For more information, visit
Students with disabilities: Students with disabilities requiring academic accommodations in this course are
encouraged to contact the Paul Menton Center for Students with Disabilities (500 University Center) to complete the
necessary forms. After registering with the Center, make an appointment to meet with me in order to discuss your
needs at least two weeks before the first in-class test or CUTV midterm exam. This will allow for sufficient time to
process your request. Please note the following deadlines for submitting completed forms to the PMC for formally
scheduled exam accommodations: TBA for fall and fall/winter term courses, and TBA for winter term courses."
Academic Accommodation: You may need special arrangements to meet your academic
obligations during the term because of disability, pregnancy or religious obligations. You can
visit the Equity Services web site to view the policies and to obtain more detailed information
on academic accommodation at
Academic Accommodation: You may need special arrangements to meet your academic
obligations during the term. For an accommodation request the processes are as follows:
Pregnancy obligation: write to me with any requests for academic accommodation during the
first two weeks of class, or as soon as possible after the need for accommodation is known to
exist. For more details see the Student Guide

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