1 Apr 2019

Carefully read the following statements about cell division (1) After meiosis, the number of chromosomes in the newly formed cell is the same as that in the parent cell. Whereas, in mitosis, the chromosome number in daughter cell is reduced to half. (2) Cytokinesis is a highly regulated event in which cellular organelles are evenly distributed forming two daughter cells. (3) In Meiosis, DNA replication occurs only once whereas the cells divide twice and it is the mechanism that produces genetic variation in daughter cells. (4) In diplotene, chiasmata are formed between homologous chromosomes followed by crossing over and segregation of sister chromatids. (5)The kinetochore is a DNA protein complex which serves as the attachment point for spindle fibers. Which of the above statement or combination of statements is correct?

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Irving Heathcote
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3 Apr 2019

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