1. List all thecell types and proteins that take part in the immune response to arhinoviral infection.

12. Comparethe importance of funding research to treat or prevent colds tothat of other health care needs.

13. Suggest anexperiment to test the hypothesis that the winter seasoncontributes to the likelihood of contracting a cold.

14. Collegestudents participated in a study to reveal the gene expressionpatterns associated with having a cold. One-half of the studentsused a nasal spray containing rhinoviruses and saltwater, and theother half used nasal spray that was just saltwater. A day later,the participants gave samples of nasal epithelium%u2015they pickedtheir noses! The expression of 6530 genes changed in the infectedgroup compared to the control group. This means that the number ofmRNAs corresponding to these genes was significantly elevated orreduced when a rhinovirus infection took hold. Suggest ways thatthis information can be used to prevent or treat colds.

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