Review properties of isotonic twitches and the load-velocity relation of skeletal muscle fibers. Imagine that you stimulate a single skeletal muscle fiber with a maximum tetanic stimulus, vary the size of the load it lifts, and allow it to shorten isotonically.1.) The tastes contractions would occur a the ____ loads.2.) The slowest contractions would occur at the ___ loads.3.) The shortening velocity is maximal when there is ___ load.4.) The shortening velocity is zero when the load is equal to the maximal____ tension.5.) At heavier loads, the latent period is ____.6.) At heavier loads, the velocity of shortening ( distance shorted per unit time) is ____.7.) At heavier loads, the duration of the movement of the load is ____.8.) At lighter loads, the distance shortened is ____.WORD BANK:isotoniclightestnofatherslowerheaviestlongerisometricshorter

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