Part B - Urine concentration in the kidney

The figure shows how urine concentration occurs in the nephron,the functional unit of the vertebrate kidney.

Active Transport, Passive Transport, Filtrate, Urea, NaCl,Osmosis, Medulla

1. The kidney's ability to cocentrate urine depends on themaintenance of an osmolarity gradient between interstitial of twostructures: the cortex and

2. This osmolarity gradient is maintained by both the passivetransport and the active transport of

3. The osmolarity gradient is also maintained by the passivetransport of

4. Water responds to the osmolarity gradient bymoving from anarea of a lower solute concentration to an area of a higher soluteconcentartion-this process is called

5. Osmosis does not require enery. For this reason, osmosis is aform of

6. The loss of water fromthe result in urine that is highly concentrated.

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