23 Jun 2018

Prepare a table which gives the endocrine glands and organs with endocrine function as rows, and various characteristics of those glands or organs as columns. Include the following columns:

Location -Where is it found? What is it adjacent to?

Type - Is it an endocrine gland, or an organ with endocrine function?

Hormone(s) Secreted

Stimulated By - What triggers the production and secretion of its hormone?

Function - What do they do?

Feedback Mechanisms if any are known, this may not apply to all.

Disorders - Are there any disorders related to this gland’s or organ’s endocrine function?

Excel or Microsoft word table will work, just leave enough space in each cell of your table to give complete descriptions. For example, don’t just name the disorder, tell me how it happens. Cite all material

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Nelly Stracke
Nelly StrackeLv2
23 Jun 2018

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