22 Jun 2018

COLLEGE COURSE: Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Please answer/provide information/define concept/terms etc... PLEASE ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS:

HPA axis: What is the principal role/function of this endocrine cascade? What brain structures and glands are involved in this system? What governs its functioning? What other brain structures help regulate HPA activity? What hormones are involved in the HPA cascade and in what order? What is the role of the HPA axis in psychiatric illness?

Glucocorticoid binding. What is the difference between MRs and GRs?

What is the role of gonadal hormones in the biological stress response?

What are the roles of vasopressin and oxytocin in cognition?

Define stress (and be familiar with different models/definitions of stress), the biological basis of stress response and related concepts, and pathological effects of stress

What constitutes a stressor? What are 4-5 different types of stressors?

How do stress and gonadal hormones affect learning and memory? What brain structures are involved and via what mechanisms?

Experimental paradigms demonstrating hormone effects on spatial memory

What are the components of learning? What is extinction? Habituation?

Hans Selye

What is the psychosis prodrome? How is it characterized/core symptoms? How does the psychosis prodrome differ from acute/chronic psychosis? What are some possible mechanisms of intervention/prevention?

What are some characteristics of epinephrine?

12. Hormonal theories that account for psychiatric disorders such as postpartum depression

13. What is the role of glucose metabolism in learning and memory?

14. Relationships among hormones in psychiatric illness, with consideration of treatment effects (perimenstrual syndrome, depression, seasonal affective disorder, schizophrenia)

15. What is bright light therapy for seasonal affective disorder? What time of day is it most effectively used?

16.How do cognitive enhancing agents exert their effect?

17. What is ACTH? What are its effects on cognition?

18.Differential effects of stress and associated hormones on behavior (and neuroanatomic structure) during prenatal vs. pubertal vs. adult stages

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24 Jun 2018

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