13 Dec 2019

The scientific method is the backbone of every science experiment, but it's not just for scientists. Most people unconsciously use the scientific method on a daily basis, for example, when performing tasks like cooking or budgeting. In order to help you to better understand the scientific method and the process used, I would like you to give an example of something you have done recently in which you used the scientific method.

In your main post, please trace each step (given below), and don't forget to include your hypothesis and whether you accepted/rejected it at the end.

Steps of the Scientific Method:
1) Make an observation
2) Ask a question
3) Do background research
4) Form a hypothesis
5) Conduct an experiment
6) Analyze your data
7) Make a conclusion --> Do you accept or reject your hypothesis?

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Sixta Kovacek
Sixta KovacekLv2
17 Dec 2019

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