Part 1 Boyle’s Law P1 V1 = P2 V2 when Temperature is constant; being 1 “initial” and 2 “final” A container of oxygen gas has a volume of 150 mL when its pressure is 0.947 atm. If the temperature remains constant. What will the volume of the gas be at a pressure of 0.987 atm? Using Boyle’s Law solve for V2 of final volume using P1 V1 = P2 V2 Match the correspondent given data, unknown data and resulted in data after solved

___1. Initial Volume or V1 

___2. Final Pressure or P2 

___3. Initial pressure or P1 

___4. Final V2 

___5 Temperature 

A. does not change, remains constant

B. 144 mL of oxygen

C. 0.947 atm

D. 150 mL of oxygen

E. 130 mL of oxygen 

F. 0.987 atm

Part 2 Charles’s Law V1/T1=V2/T2 when the Pressure is constant; being 1 “initial” and 2 “final A container with hydrogen gas has a volume of 349 mL, at a temperature of 22.0C (Change to K), What volume will the gas occupy at 50C(Change to K), if the pressure remains constant?

____6. Final Volume of gas 

____7 Initial Temperature gas 

____8. Final Temperature gas 

____9. Initial Volume gas 

____10. The pressure of hydrogen 

G. It’s constant

H. 295 K

I. 349 mL

J. 382 mL

K. 323 K

L. 50 C

Part 3 Gay-Lussac Law P1/T1=P2 when the volume (V) is constant A cylinder of a gas has a pressure of 4.40 atm at 25C (Change to K). At what temperature in Celsius will it reach a pressure of 6.50 atm C= K-273

____11. Final Pressure of gas (P1) 

____12. The initial temperature in K (T1) 

____13. The initial Pressure of gas (P2) 

____14. The volume of the gas 

_____15. The final temperature of the gas  

M. 6.50 atm

N. 298 K

O. 4.40 atm

P. 167 C

Q . 283 K

R. is constant

Part 4 Combined Gas Law P1 V1/ T1 = P2 V2/ T2 OR MORE EASY TO SOLVE P1 V1 T2= P2 V2 T1 A St. Valentine Helium-filled balloon for your love, has a volume of 50.0 mL at 25 C (change to K) and 1.08 atm. What volume(V2) will it have at 0.855 atm and 10.0C (change to K). K=C + 273

_____16. The Final Temperature in K (T1) 

_____17. The initial Volume in mL (V1) 

_____18. The final Pressure in atm (P2)

_____19. The initial temperature in C (T1) 

_____20. The final volume (V2)  

S. 298k

T. 50.0 mL

 U. 0.855 atm

V. 25 C

W. 283 K

X. 60.00 mL

Part 5 Answer with the letter in the blank. A. Boyles’s Law B. Charles’s Law C. Gay-Lussac’s Law D. Combined Gas Law E. Avogadro’s Law

___21. One mol of any gas at Standard Temperature and Pressure contains 6.03 X10^23 molecules and occupy a volume of 22.4L

____22. The higher the pressure the lower the volume when the temperature is constant.

____23. The higher the temperature the higher the volume when the pressure is constant.

____24 The higher the temperature the higher is the pressure when the volume is constant.

____25. There is a relation between pressure, volume, and temperature of a fixed amount (moles)of gas

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