Rearrange the jumbled-up sentences below into their proper order to form good paragraphs of:
Topic sentence, Supporting sentence, Concluding sentence Provide appropriate transitional words or phrases to make the paragraphs coherent. Based on your understanding of the paragraphs, supply appropriate titles to each of them.

a) Recentreportsindicatedthatthedifficultyhadbeensettled,atleastfora time. It was a surprise to read in the papers this morning that war had been declared and the actual fighting had begun. For years, there was a serious misunderstanding between the two countries.

b) When wisely engaged in, it builds up resistance to infections and tones up the whole system. A painful overdose of sunburn may develop into something really serious. Calcium in the bone structure may be depleted. Caution should be exercised when one is taking a sunbath, especially if he or she is not accustomed to it. Other dangers lurk in the blazing rays of the mid-summer sun. Sunbathing is recommended by physicians as an excellent way to improve one’s physical condition. Too much exposure may be injurious to health.

c) Fuel efficiency for popular vehicles...Research and development needs to be intensified to find renewable sources of energy like solar and wind power. To combat the problem of greenhouse gases, several fronts are being attacked simultaneously.

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