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UWCS100Alexandra BoutrosFall

Lecture one - Technological Determinism This note explains the main view that we should be taking throughout the course - technological determinism.

OC174901 Page
16 Oct 2011
Social organization (and individual experience) is dependent on dominant media. Ignores/obscures the role of people in both invention of tech and proce
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UWCS100Alexandra BoutrosFall

Lecture 3 - Print The answers to a few questions on the film "The Day The Universe Changed" as well as a review on what was talked about in previous lectures and this one. October 6th, 2010.

OC174902 Page
16 Oct 2011
Speech is often understood as an innate human ability. Writing involved the adaptation of natural materials, the creation of communication media (papyr
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UWCS100Alexandra BoutrosFall

Lecture 2 - Innis' Bias and Language This note goes over Innis' bias of media - space vs. time based medias - as well as language. It also explains (or 'unpacks') the readings of the week.

OC174903 Page
16 Oct 2011
The concepts of time and space reflect the significance of media to civilization. Media that emphasise time are those that are durable in character, su
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