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I am biochemist and also biologist...I would like to solve your queries regarding all branches of biology.




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Answer: By an axis opposite the XC axis
Answer: Earth's gravity comes from all its mass. All its mass makes a combined...
Answer: Though a big ego is usually considered to be a negative trait, in fact...
Answer: happiness, in psychology, a state of emotional well-being that a perso...
Answer: the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or ...
Answer: Being kind to someone comes from the inner soul, not from a particular...
Answer: Subjectively, our thoughts come from nowhere: they just pop into our h...
Answer: As the applied voltage reaches its maximum peak value at 90o for a ver...
Answer: supplying or drawing current in the direction necessary to oppose the ...
Answer: Capacitance is measured in the unit of farads (1 farad = 1 Coulomb/Vol...
Answer: C
Answer: A
Answer: Option D
Answer: Option A
Answer: power Factor
Answer: Dissipation Factor is the reciprocal of quality factor.
Answer: dielectric constant
Answer: Stray capacitance exists not through design but simply because two con...
Answer: 0.500
Answer: 1.73
Answer: An open inductor has Infinite resistance and zero inductance.
Answer: Zero
Answer: Purely capacitive circuit
Answer: Transient period is considered over after TAA
Answer: bisects bandwidth.
Answer: C
Answer: Effective value is considered as the most important value of a sine wa...
Answer: Carbon-composition resistor.
Answer: C
Answer: 0.707
Answer: 55 Ohm-cm 55 Ohm-cm is the specific resistance of a pure germanium.
Answer: Leading
Answer: An LC circuit, also called a resonant circuit, tank circuit, or tuned ...
Answer: A
Answer: D
answer Shaper Planer It is a comparatively light-duty machine. It is a heavy-d...
Answer: P= D3N/38 = (3)3×280/38 P= 198.95hp
Answer: Option D
Answer: Option C
Answer: Option D

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