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Answer: 4
Answer: b
Answer: d.
Answer:please see explanations.
Answer: Please see explanation.
Answer: X=2
Answer: X=2
Answer: x=0.2342
Answer: Please see explanation
Answer:please see explanation
Answer: please see explanation
Answer: Please see explanation.

METHOD 2: Separate two independent clauses with a semicolon or a period.

  1. faulty: Students write papers, professors correct them.

revised: Students write papers; professors correct them.

faulty: The men cooked dinner, the women mixed the drinks.

revised: The men cooked dinner. The women mixed the drinks.


In addition, connecting words such as however, therefore, consequently, nevertheless, likewise, besides, also, then, furthermore should be used after the semicolon or period--but not a comma. Because these are strong words, they should be followed by a comma. The word then is an exception; it does not generally take a comma.

  1. - Students write papers; then professors correct them.

- The men cooked dinner; therefore, the women mixed the         drinks.

- The train stops here. However, it is always late.

- I hope the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Nevertheless,     they have a way to go yet.



Correct each of the following by placing a semicolon or period between the independent clauses. Add commas where they are needed.

  1. I received the most votes therefore I was elected.
  2. I want to visit him however I am not feeling well.
  3. The play was a comedy, it was very funny.
  4. You want your freedom nevertheless you will have to get a  job.
  1. She must be out of town otherwise she would be here.
  2. First we eat dinner, then we have dessert.


METHOD 3. Change one of the independent clauses into a dependent clause. This can be done using one of the CONDITIONAL WORDS we discussed earlier.

** Remember, when a dependent clause comes at the beginning of a sentence, it is followed by a comma.

  1. faulty: Students write papers, professors correct them.

revised: When students write papers, professors correct them.

faulty: The train stops here, it is always late.

revised: The train stops here although it is always late.




Each of the following contains two independent clauses. Correct the sentence by making one of them into a dependent clause.


  1. We went to the museum, Bob went to the ball game.


  1. You are my sister I love you.


  1. I don't like crowds, I enjoy going to the beach.


  1. The temperature dropped it started to rain.


  1. I get my change, I look for a penny.


  1. You were gone the plumber came.
Answer: please see explanation
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Answer: A
Answer: 0.008 km/s^2
Answer: -23 and 42 or -42 and 23
Answer: 416 feet
Answer: D.
Answer: 3/8
Answer: d
Answer: simple
Answer: See explanations pleaseStep-by-step explanation
Answer: 10,000
Answer: D
Answer: see explanation Step-by-step explanation:
Answer: C
Answer: -34
Answer: 64
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Answer: C
Answer: 94 square cm.
Answer: A
Answer: Geometric with a common ratio of 4
Answer:The 12 inch is the better buy. Step-by-step explanation: