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I have worked on various subjects including finance, economics, management, accounting, biology, chemistry and many more. Cheers.




Project Management5History866Law289Management201English402Philosophy65Anthropology33Astronomy116Business1Marketing236Science514Sociology211Geography286Psychology1Communications67Ethics56Information Technology1404Accounting1Biology398Physics15Finance17Economics308
Answer: b. Both sales revenue and cost of goods sold.
Answer: B. The perpetual system maintains a continual record of inventory tran...
Answer: A) annual demand
Answer: C) either independent of or dependent on the demands for other items
Answer: (d) To provide a hedge against inflation
Answer: Corporations are good due for various reasons: Corporations tend to ha...
Answer: more coffee and more chocolate.
Answer: Plant B
Answer: (d) surplus and leads to non-price rationing.
Answer: True
Answer: F) $325
Answer: e. 8 units of X and 5 units of Y.
Answer: C) increases with increased consumption of the good
Supply chain visibility is the ability to track different goods and/or product...
Answer: B) otherwise the average cost curve will not be above the average vari...
Answer: A bank must write off a loan because the borrower defaults.
Answer: Unions are worker groups formed to negotiate pay and working condition...
Answer: C. negative, so Joan considers hamburger to be an inferior good
Answer: They will save time to market if they pool their technological know-how
Answer: D) area 1+2; area 3+7.
Answer: (d) C + D + H.
Answer: d) 400
Answer: The market price will be different for each firm. a strategy that make...
Answer: B) demand will increase.
Answer: E) implies an elasticity of supply equal to zero.
Answer: (A) I only
Answer: (a) Improving the health of people in the US
Answer: A) 30
Answer: are guaranteed to earn a short-run economic profit
Answer: A) Investment is profitable
Answer: A) 0.5 books per album
Answer: D) (Firm A: produce 1000 units, Firm B: produce 2000 units)
Answer: d) A + B + C + D.
Answer: $3.
Answer: B) 3/4
Answer: E ) 340; 456
Answer: A) 1/4
Answer: b. $25,000
Answer: B) (Firm A: produce 2000 units, Firm B: produce 1000 units)

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