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Answer: b. Normal cell differentiation occurs.
Answer: C3a and C3b are components of the complement system, a part of the imm...
Answer: Carbon-based molecule can take a number of different conformations. Ca...
Answer: An organism that is heterotrophic, is not mobile, has cells with a cel...
Answer: b. they are not the same species
Answer:Based on the provided information, the described transporter is a passi...
Answer: Bacillus cereus is a Gram-positive bacterium that is typically found i...
Answer: The bacterium that does not belong with the others in the given list i...
Answer: Hypoxemia is a medical term that refers to a low level of oxygen in th...
Answer: It occurs during prophase I of mitosis.
Answer: Notch signaling promotes the differentiation of absorptive cells in th...
Answer: A seed consists of a diploid embryo, a triploid endosperm, and a diplo...
Answer: d. the collection tube and flow through of the column, discarding the ...

1)According to robert trivers, why are men generally larger and more physically aggressive than women?

a) becasue men invest more in reproduction than women

b) becasue women are more reproductively valuable than men, hence competition for mates is fiercer among men

c)becasue men secrete more testosterone

d) trivers theory does not speculate on the origin of the sex difference in size and physical aggression.

2) although some women are interested in casual sex( short-term mating), research has suggested that there are differences in the way men and women experience this interest which of the following is not one of the these sex differences?

a) men are interested in casual sex in more frequent and varied types of circumstances than women

b) women generally do not enjoy the actual sex act in casual encounters as mush as men do

c) unless severely intoxicated, women generally need at least a minimal amount of time to get to know a person slightly before engaging in casual sex, whereas men do not necessarily need any time at all-intoxicated or not

d) women may experience emotional conflict or negative emotions following casual sex, whereas men generally do not

3) why did the OSR drop sharply as a result of the baby boom?

a) because there were fewer same age men available when the baby boom women reached mating age

b) becasue the sexual revolution of the 1960s allowed more men to refuse to commit to relationships

c) becasue there were fewer older men available when the baby boom women reached mating age

d) all of the above answers are true

4) true or false. uder low OSR conditions, men place more importance on youth and attractiveness than they otherwise would, and under high OSR conditions women place greater emphasis on high status in their choice of mates



5) sex differences in cognition might exist in all of the following ways except:

a) performance

b) insight

c) motivation

d) ability

6) true or false: average sex differences in cognition generally emerge very early in childhood, and they have remained consistent over time- that is , they do not appeat to be narrowing

a) true

b) false

7) which of the following statements about sex differences in cognition is not true?

a) males are at a disadvantage relative to women in most verbal(language-related) tasks

b) girls school and test grades in math and science courses are consistently higher than boys

c) males are overrepresented at the lowest and highest levels of scoring on standardized math tests

d) sex differeces in visualspatial ability cannot usually be overcome, even with extensive training

8) true or false: at least twice as many males as females score in the very highest ranges in sstandardized tests of mathematics and numerous other science aptitudes

a) true

b) false

9) reseacher bonnie auyeung and her colleagues directly measured testosterone levels in the amniotic fluid of pregnant mothers and then examined the children between the ages of 6-10. what was the main finding?

a) pre-natal testosterone was unrelated to sex-typed play behavior in the children

b) pre-natal testosterone level predicted the extent of masculine play preferences for boys only

c) pre-natal testosterone level predicted the extent of masculine play preferences for boys and girls

d) pre-natal testosterone level predicted toy preferences, but not play preferences

10) 99% of all chess grandmasters are male, and no female has ever won a world championship in chess. according to recent reseah, what is the explanation for this disparity?

a) males have superior memory for spatial relationships necessary for high level chess play

b) more boys than girls begin to play chess competitively in early childhood, so by the time they are adult, only the very best males remain- all others have been weeded out over the years

c) males are more aggressive in their play, and chess mimics the strategies and tactics of warfare

d) none of the above answer is correct

11) true or false. women playing action video games may increase their mental rotation ability

a) true


12) women have a limited number of reproductive opportunities in their lifetime, lasting several days each ( the fertile phase of the reproductive cycle). In their entries lives, approximately how many such opportunities do women have?

a) 200




13) the little girl who taught her mother had eaten a baby, was using excellent logic to arrive at her conclusion. But why was this conclusion all wrong?

a) because the assumptions on which her conclusion was based were incorrect.

b) because her parents has not explained the facts of sexuality to her.

c)because her mother had jokingly patted her tummy and complained of having overeaten.

d) none of the above is the correct answer

14) how did Christine , the medical student eventually deal with her mixed feelings about the man she had sex with on their first date?

a) they ended up marrying after a brief time of dating

b) they had an on again, off again relationship until she entered her residency

c) she decided not to go out with him again

d) the man never called her again

15) an example of environmental mismatch might be:

a) high level of testosterone

b) pregnancy sickness

c) incest prohibitions

d) men’s interest in young women

e) all of the above are examples of environmental mismatch

16) currently the OSR is

a) at a normally high level

b) at an extremely high level

17) most sex differences in sexual behavior are best described with a(n)

a) overlapping distribution

b) bimodal distribution

c) normal distribution

d)skewed distribution

please need all the answers and thank you :) need help take home test

Answer: I'd be happy to help you with your take-home test. Here are the answer...
Answer: If a tetrahybrid (AaBbCcDd) is test crossed with a homozygous recessiv...
Answer: C. The resistance is controlled by two dominant genes with epistasis.
Answer:Sure, here's a simplified model using boxes and arrows to describe how ...
Answer: The lines on your fingers, also known as fingerprints, are indeed made...
Answer: The question of whether science should compel action is complex and ca...
Answer: (a) increased
Answer: (b) shortening of internode
Answer:Terminal fusion, also known as automixis, is a reproductive process in ...
Answer: I'd be happy to help you understand this concept! Let's break down the...
Answer:B. 48
Answer: d) 18.75% (2.5 half lives) a) rock A d) Natural selection is due to di...
Answer:False. When two long, repeated elements of opposite orientation undergo...
Answer:The biosphere refers to the zone of Earth where life exists. It encompa...
Answer: a) Zinc-finger b) -12 to -2 b) Random mutation theory


The amino acid sequence for a protein that is associated with the onset of Huntington's Disease in humans is 582 amino acids long and is provided below. This disease is autosomal dominant and results in a prolonged degeneration of nerve cells in the brain.


1. For this assignment, use any method you determine most feasible (i.e. programming in MATlab, R script, Crystal Ball, Witchcraft/Hocus Pocus, etc.) to decipher the amino acid composition of this protein and answer the 15 questions associated with this protein and its associated amino acid structure.

2. You will be calculating proportions (percentages - %) for this assignment. Calculate all proportions to 1 decimal place and make sure you have rounded up or down correctly. If unsure, use a spreadsheet program such as Excel to display your proportional calculations to 1 decimal place.

3. Spelling matters (Incorrect spelling will be graded as such - incorrect).

4. There is no time limit and you have three (3) attempts at this homework with the highest grade being recorded in your gradebook.

5. Download/copy the sequence and review the questions so you can double check your numbers before proceeding through the homework.

Huntington Disease Associated Protein Amino Acid Sequence

The first amino acid below ('m') represents the amino (NH3) terminus of this protein. The last amino acid in this sequence represents the carboxy (COOH) terminus and is the very last 'c' at the bottom of this protein sequence structure. The amino acids are numbered individually across the rows (left to right) beginning from the amino terminus (#1) to the carboxy terminus (#582).





























































I need this decoded in order to answer the following questions:

What is the name of most abundant amino acid in this protein?

What proportion of the total amino acids in the protein does this individual amino acid represent?

NOTE: Enter your proportion to ONE decimal place (e.g. 5.9) and DO NOT include the % symbol.

Answer: I understand that you need the amino acid composition of the provided ...
Answer:Yes, during yawning, the glottis (the opening between the vocal cords i...
Answer: D. that have more than two alleles in the population The Law of Segreg...
Answer: Replacing all the oxygen atoms with sulfur in biological molecules wou...
Answer:(c) a population
Answer:Endospore staining results can vary based on the bacterial species and ...
Answer: The patient-centered medical home (PCMH) is a model of healthcare deli...
Answer: After starting a gel running, you need to look at the migration of the...
Answer: The effect of gender on interest and participation in social networkin...
Answer:A doctor might be able to determine the likelihood of a fetus growing u...
Answer:a) Transport proteins: Facilitate the movement of substances across the...
Answer:(d) IPSPs

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