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Nonconformity, to me, is a condition of being in which one has a sense of pride and poses about themselves. This is not to be mistaken with arrogance, but with a type of humility that provides certainty and clarity to decisions and actions. While reading Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance," I began to believe that what he refers to as nonconformity would be known as "Independence" today. This type of Independence is focused on one's ability to detach themselves from their surroundings, people, situation, and relationships. In this life, we are taught numerous things that are labeled, but no one ever questions why those labels are there. Thinking outside the box is frowned upon, and what we heard many times in primary school was "work the issue exactly as you see it in the back book, there is only one method to solve this problem," which seemed strange to those who devised several ways to offer answers. To me, the concept of nonconformity appears to be very essential since I feel that individuals require this level of comfort and independence to grow and never be molded or sculpted to the favor of others. Nonconformity, I believe, is the very thing that allows a person to be human and express their feelings, lifestyles, and liberties. While reading Emerson's article, I also understood that one should not surrender oneself to those who seek to dominate them and take away our authority. This provides that individual authority, which can stifle one's spiritual, mental, and physical progress. We should search for and try to be unique, never wishing to be like others, since we are who we are. We are all human beings in our own right.

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