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22 Oct 2021

Given information

The table of the data is given by,

Income Ulcer
(per 100 population)
$4,000 14.1
$6,000 13.0
$8,000 13.4
$12,000 12.5
$16,000 12.0
$20,000 12.4
$30,000 10.5
$45,000 9.4
$60,000 8.2

Step-by-step explanation

Step 1.
Using the LinReg (ax+b) program on the T1 calculator, we have to find the linear regression.
The steps for finding the linear regression is as follows,
  • Press STAT and then hit enter when Edit is highlighted.
  • Enter the x-coordinate under the L_{1} column and y-coordinate under L_{2} column.
  • Hit STAT, use the arrow key to scroll right to CALC, and then scroll down to LinReg (ax+b). Press Enter.
  • Press Enter multiple times until the program runs. If X list does not show L_{1} and Y list does not show L_{2}, make to sure to fix those before running to program.
  • The program will output values for a and b.
The program outputs the values of a=-9.978546 \times 10^{-5} \approx-0.0000099785 and b=13.95076408 \approx 13.95076.

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