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What is Solvit?

Solvit is a community for people who want to learn. It is a place for any student from any corner of the world to get the help they need from a community of bright students and subject experts.

What are these credits?

You gain credits every time you answer a question or refer a friend to sign up. These credits allow you to ask more questions. Your total earned credits also allows you to level up and increase your standing in the Solvit community. You can see the leaderboard for more details.

What subjects does Solvit have?

At the moment, we cover the following subjects:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • World History
  • U.s. History
  • Economics
  • Health And Medicine
  • English

We’re constantly adding new subjects as well!

Who can use Solvit?

The majority of users using Solvit are middle school, high school and college students. We try our best to match your question with someone else we think may be the best suited to answer your question.

Asking questions
How do I ask a question?

You can ask a question by a variety of ways. You can type your question directly in the text box. You can also take a photo of your question with your phone. Make sure to include any helpful additional information that might help other Solvit users give you a faster and more thoughtful response.

How much does it cost?

Solvit is free to use. You have to spend 5 credits each time you ask a question. You can earn additional credits by answering other user’s questions or inviting other students to the community.

Some students might have a time crunch, so we also offer a “Express” option if your question does not receive an answer within 24 hours. Each Express question costs $5 and all of the money goes to the Certified Expert who answers your question.

If you’re unhappy with the answer you received, just let us know through your feedback and we’ll be happy to give you another question for free!

What is an Amazing Answer?

When someone gives you an answer that is helpful and thoughtful, show your thanks by giving them an “Amazing Answer”. By frequently thanking others, it encourages the entire community to actively help each other and shows other users that you appreciate their time and effort!

What is a Best Answer?

When you receive multiple answers for your question, show your thanks to the user who provided you with the most thorough and accurate answer by giving them a Best Answer. The user will receive an additional 3 credits from Solvit and other people will also see that this Solvit user goes above and beyond!

Someone commented on my question, what now?

Usually when someone comments on your question, they’re asking for a bit more information to help them answer it better. You can comment back to give them the extra info they need to help them better answer your question.

Answering Questions
Someone asked a question, what now?

To help someone with their question, tap on the question and you have the option to answer by typing in text, attaching an image, and/or attaching a voice clip.

In order to provide the best answer possible, please keep the following in mind:

Thoughtful, original responses are the best. Do not simply and paste a passage from another site. This may result in your answer getting flagged and removed

Be as thorough as possible. Responding to a question with just the answer might not be what the student is asking for. Whenever possible, provide a detailed explanation of how you arrived at your answer. This is how you earn those Amazing Answers!

If you’re writing your answer out on a piece of paper, make sure to write neatly and ensure that there is enough lighting for taking a photo

Someone asked a question, and I’m not sure how to answer, what now?

To help the person, you need to ask them for more information. Tap on Comment, so you can ask them for more clarification and more information.

Someone is posting inappropriate answers and/or questions, what do I do?

Solvit is a community and we need everyone to do their part. Tap on Report, and one of our Solvit team members will make sure the inappropriate content is removed as soon as possible.

How do I increase my level?

There are currently 7 different ranks for Solvit users. In order to move up a rank, you have to earn enough credits to reach the next level. The fastest way to earn more credits is by answering questions and getting an Amazing Answer for all of your answers.

There’s someone bothering me on Solvit, what can I do?

Solvit is a safe community for students. We have zero tolerance for bullying, harassment and any other type of inappropriate conduct. If you feel that someone is bothering you, simply tap on Report next on the user’s profile and one of our Solvit team members will be immediately available to help.

What is a Certified Expert?

Certified Experts are top Solvit members hand-picked by our Solvit Team. They answer any question in a matter of minutes and are always around to help. Certified Experts are usually at the Star Contributor level or above. They also have access to Express Questions and receive $5 for answering each question. If you think you have what it takes, send us a quick blurb about yourself and why you'd like to be a Certified Expert!

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