CHIN20005 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Asteroid Family

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Published on 9 Nov 2020
Chinese 1 Notes Lesson 5
1) Place something/someone
This structure is equivalent to the English structure: there is something/someone in a place.
But in Chinese, the “place” needs to be first identified: Place something/someone
There is a book over there.
Over there a book
There are many Chinese students in our school.
Our school many Chinese students.
There are many international students at Melbourne University.
Melbourne University many international students.
Compare: 很多中文书。 I have many Chinese books.
我的宿舍里很多中文书。There are many Chinese books in my dormitory
2) S + Adjective
This structure is equivalent to the English structure: S + be + Adjective; such as
“She is good” and “This classroom is big”. In Chinese, the verb “to be” is NOT
used in this type of sentences.
In the Chinese structure of S + Adjective, is used and it should be put before
the adjective.
For example: 很好 She is good.
The reason for putting before the adjective is to avoid comparison. If were
not used in this sentence, it could imply that she is good and other people are not
很漂亮 She is beautiful.
英国的大学很好 Universities in the UK are
2.1 Negative form for S + Adjective
In a negative sentence, such as “it is not good”, is not necessary unless you
would like to say: “it is not very good”.
你朋友的宿舍吗? Is your friend’s dormitory
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