IMED3001 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertensive Heart Disease, Pulmonary Hypertension

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Causes, consequences and pathological findings of. Causes and clinical manifestations of heart failure. Pathological findings of hypertensive heart disease, including pulmonary hypertension. Aetiology, pathogenesis, classification, morphological changes, clinical features and clinical sequelae of ischaemic heart disease. To help develop an understanding of the basic processes that lead to disease. To help gain knowledge of most common / important diseases affecting humans. Give an understanding of how knowledge of general pathological processes and specific diseases can be used in a clinical setting\ Failure of pump - weak contraction or insufficient relaxation. Obstruction to flow - atherosclerotic plaques, valvular stenosis, Addition of volume workload to chambers, eg: lv in ar; la and lv in. Shunted flow - diversion of blood from one part of the heart to the other through congenital or acquired defects. Conduction defects or arrhythmias eg: af or vf. Rupture of the heart or a major vessel - eg: gun shot wound.