CAD-8104 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Sulfur Dioxide, Chemical Equation, Equilibrium Constant

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17 Jun 2020
The oxidation of sulfur dioxide to give sulfur
trioxide is an important step in the industrial
process for the synthesis of sulfuric acid. Write
the equilibrium equation for each of the
following reactions: (a) 2 S02(g) + 02(g) •,=" 2
S03(g) (b) 2 S03(g) 2 S02(g) + 02(g)
Put the concentrations of the products in the
numerator and the concentrations of reactants
in the denominator of the equilibnum equation.
Then raise the concentration of each substance
to the power of its coefficient in the balanced
chemical equation. a) 2S00 (g)1-0,(g)LI 2S00(g)
Equilibrium constant lc iP'dm 451 treat tan is]
- [boor [so ,] ]od
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