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CLAS 1P91 Final: CLAS 1P91 Review

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R.Angus Smith
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CLAS 1P91 Review
Lecture 1
When was Ancient Greece? (see page 220 of Amos and Lang)
Bronze Age 3000-1100 BCE
Dark Age 1100-750 BCE
Archaic Period 750-490 BCE
Classical Period 490-323 BCE
Hellenistic Age 323-30 BCE
What did Ancient Greece look like?
•  Hot, d sues
•  Cool, ai ites
What did Ancient Greeks eat?
•  Mediteaea tiad
Lecture 2 Minoans & Mycenaeans of Bronze Age Greece
Fo Mios as the fist peso e hea of to acquire a fleet: he had over-riding control of the Aegean
“ea, goeed the Cladi islads ad as the fist to oloize ost of the…he also eliiated pia
as fa as possile, so that oe eeue should oe to hi. – Thudides I,
Minoan Civilization (2200-1450 BCE)
Sir Arthur Evans
o Excavated Knossos on Crete
o Began in 1900
o Rediscovered lost civilization
o Called it Minoans after King Minos
o Earliest civilization that rose in Europe
Knossos had large courtyards in centre of palace
Aet sue now if King Minos lived there or not
Had economic centers
Used ases to hold podue total of  gallos
Administrative Centers
Linear A Script was found
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Religious Centers
Mioa “ake Goddess
Political centers
Thoe ‘oo i Mioa Fist thoe of Euope
Mioa Palae as ufotified eause ule  sea
Thalassoa uled  sea
Prominence of bulls - Bull sport may have been present
Prominence of women in art paintings and sculptures
Women were painted much more detailed in comparison to men
Foreign Contacts:
o Egypt
o Levant
o Cyprus
o Cyclades
o Mycenaeans
C. 1450 BCE All minoan palaces except Knossos destroyed
Suspected reasons: Big volcano, Knossosians, Mycenaeans
Tidal ae aused  olao, ash oeed palaes....ouldt hae ee Volcanic
Why not take over these palaces, why just destroy the palaces?
Meaeas left eidee ehid, Liea B foud at Kossos A Meaea sipt
Who were the Mycenaeans?
o Greek Myth
o Homer wrote about
Heinrich Schlieman
o 1870 excavted Troy
o 1876 excavated Mycenae
Michael Ventris
o 1952: Deciphered Linear B
o Linear B is Greek
Myceneans were possibly first greek speaking civilization
Shaft graves of Mycenae, 16th century BCE
Massive amount of gold and bronze, weaponry, and other things placed in graves with
prominent members of Mycenean
Tholos Tombs
o Monumental tombs
o Imply strong hierarchy
Citadels and Palaces, 14th BCE
Well known for fortification of palaces
o Centered on megaron
o throne room with central hearth
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o Linear B Adminstration
o palace and wanax (king) at center
o Weapons
o Armor
Myceneans traveled a lot, took over Minoan trade route after their fall
Cyclopean Fortification
^Secret access to water supplies
1200 BCE Mycenean destruction began
Lecture 3 The Greek Dak Age Heoes ad Poets
External Invasions
o Dorians?
o Invasions from the North
o Believed by later Greeks
o But…o good eidee
Internal Revolution
o Peasants vs Ruling Class
o Greek myths describe troubles
Environmental Change
o Drought
o Overexploitation
Sea Peoples
o Ramesses III
o c. 1182 BCE
o Medinet Habu, Egypt
‘aesses ote aout “ea People attakig the Egptias
Palace Economies Destroyed
o Luxury items
o Writing
o Monomental Arccturehit
o Agriculture Suffered
o Switched to pastoralism
o Population Declined
o Foreign Contacts Declined
o Increased Piracy
Moved away from coast due to fear of Piracy
Revival begin in late 10th century BCE
Lefkandi, c. 950 BCE
Io is i use…eteig io age ad leaig oze age
Trade was eminent due to discovery of ivory in tombs
This oa a hae ee saified
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