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POLI 2F20 Study Guide - Final Guide: Just War Theory, Zombie, Communitarianism

Political Science
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POLI 2F20 2017 Progress exam cheat sheet
Exam is out of 195 points
20 multiple choice (20 points) covers mostly 2nd half of semester
Choice of definitions (4/6) (20 points) covers mostly 2nd half of semester
Choice of short answers (40 points) Krasner question, plus 3 of six questions,
covers mostly 2nd half of semester
Two long answers (110 points) Primarily application of theory to current events
First long answer (55 points):
Choice of two questions:
1. Trump: With respect to International Relations, what do each of these theoretical approaches
have to say about a Trump presidency? When formulating your answer, think about the key
emphases of each theory (15 points each)
a. Realism
b. Liberalism
c. Constructivism
What challenges does Canada face from a Trump presidency? (10 points)
2. Zombies: What courses of actions would the following theories suggest for dealing with an
outbreak? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each? (45 points) Pick three of four:
c) Which of these approaches do you think would be most useful for dealing with a zombie
apocalypse? Why? (10 points)
Second long answer (60 points): Three of these essay questions will be on the
progress exam. You will have to choose one of them.
1. Nuclear weapons. Should Iran acquire nuclear weapons? In you answer, consider the
arguments for and against acquiring nuclear weapons, the potential effects of acquiring
nuclear arms (i.e., what do analysts argue are the possible outcomes), and the various
postulated reasons that Iran would want to acquire nuclear weapons. (60 points)
2. International law Is international law an expression of Western dominance?
Describe how a realist, liberal and critical legal scholar would answer this question. (45
What is your opinion? Justify with examples. (15 points)
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