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PSYC 1F90 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Twin, Gender Role, Sex Organ

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John Mitterer
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Quiz 10 :Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Carol and Hank are fraternal twins. Although their parents try not to
treat the twins di!erently, both parents allow Hank to play loudly and
to climb on the furniture. Hank’s dad tends to “rough-house” with Hank
more than Carol, while he talks to and reads books more with Carol.
Carol and Hank are undergoing
A.gender role socialization.
Which theory suggests that sexual orientation may be the result of
some male fetuses being exposed to too little testosterone, while some
female fetuses are exposed to too much testosterone?
B.prenatal hormonal theory
Which of the following sexually transmitted conditions aects
women, but NOT men?
C.pelvic in!ammatory disease
People are most likely to value their sexuality when
A.their sexual needs are being met
B.they develop a respectful,
trusting, and intimate relationship
with their partner.
C.they have a good body image.
D.they are in good health and free
form stress and worry.
Regarding the dimensions of sex, which of the following statements is
B.Genetic sex is determined at the instant of conception.
For both genetic females and males, hormonal problems before birth may produce an
individual who has ambiguous sexual anatomy, a condition referred to as a(n)
__________ person.
According to research, sex education
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