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A: - investigates the happenings of human society how society operates. Shift perspectives from personal to social to see their interactions. Sociological imagination makes your everyday life unfamiliar. Societies are not static social forces are always changing and mutating, Ex: legalization of gay marriages as well as legalizing mar. A: - it"s not tangible & you can"t see it. A set of forces exerted by people over one another and themselves that encourage particular behaviors. Sociology identifies, explains & challenges these forces of society. It is a critical part: wright mills (1959) Sociological imagination"; type of thinking that connects social forces to individuals" lives. Individual experiences are connected to the workings of society. When people are unemployed, it"s not necessarily because they are extremely lazy. It can also reflect on the global economy. The economy is structured in the way that they don"t give jobs to the people who actually need jobs.

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