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SOCI 1F90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Killing Us Softly, Hegemonic Masculinity, Documentary Hypothesis

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Sara Cumming
Study Guide

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SOCI 1F90 Section 01 and 02
Study Guide
December 2014 Progress Exam
Exam date: Wednesday December 10, 0800-1100
Study the following material for the multiple choice (and bonus questions) component of the exam
(60 questions worth 60 marks):
feminist definition of gender meritocracy gendered division of labour
principles of ethical research research methods equality of opportunity
feminisation of poverty sociological imagination qualitative research
misogyny social stratification proletariat
bourgeoisie heteronormativity facets of social inequality
hegemonic masculinity homosexuality aspects of unethical research
androcentrism sexism positivism
examples of unethical research intersexuality intersectionality
emphasised femininity Tough Guise documentary hypothesis
blaming the victim historians of sexuality quantitative research
social construction of sexuality monogamy heterosexuality
inductive research logic deductive research logic gender and plastic surgery
Killing Us Softly documentary performance of femininity hegemony
homophobia Titanic and class inequality role
discourse Marx’s theory of surplus value chilly climate
queer theory gender roles (functionalism) misogyny
poststructuralism Michel Foucault guidelines for ethical research
pink ghetto bourgeois masculinity Michael Messner’s research
gender performance normalisation Matthew Shephard
knowledge production and power university ethics committees theory
double shift/day Robert Connell
theories of class inequality/social stratification (functionalist, Marxist, feminist) and their
sociological critiques of biological/essentialist theories of gender
Study the following readings for the multiple choice and bonus questions portions of the exam:
1) Ann O’Connell: Building Their Readiness for Economic ‘Freedom’: The New Poor Law and
2) Anika Stafford: Beyond Normalisation: An Analysis of Heteronormativity in Childrens Picture Books
3) Kristi Allain: ‘Real Fast and Tough’: The Construction of Canadian Hockey Masculinity
4) Karen Potts and Leslie Brown: Becoming an Anti-oppressive Researcher
Study the following material for the long answer portion of the exam (4 questions worth 40 marks):
1) Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Sociology
2) Theories of social stratification/class inequality (functionalist, Marxist, feminist) and their
3) Feminisation of poverty
4) The academic discipline of Sociology (what it is; its social relevance)
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