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BIOL 1902

BIOL 1902 Lecture 1a WINTER 2012Course ObjectivesoBetter understanding of what nature is all aboutoDevelop a respect for plants and animalsoLearn to see things differentlyOffice 4620 CTTC ext 3857TAs are accessible via WebCTWebCT is the lifeline for the course sample questions notes etcCourse advice follow this recipe to achieve a high markoKeep up dont watch lectures at the last minuteoStudy each week for a fake test oDont just highlight in the book make notesoYou can watch videos in student center in Loeb D299 CUTV or on demandoThe book has a full summary of course content glossary of terms 100 overlap with lectures What is an animaloAnything living that is not a plant fungus microbe etc can be further subdivided mammals birds etceg the image of the snowshoe hare has two types of animal in itnotice the tics on the earCourse is about plants toooPlants are just as complex and animated as animals if not moreoThe course explores the relations between the twoNatural historyoLiving breathing dynamics of plants and animalsoNatural history is real life the enjoyment of natureoAn observational scienceobservations of flora and faunaSomeone who enjoys nature is called a naturalistoThe dictionary definition is horribleboringoLinnaeus is responsible for the classification system called binomial nomenclatureoDarwin Audubon Seton Peterson McNamara are all naturalists as welloCommon comment between all naturalists what the heck is thisCuriosity is what drives all naturalistsTypes of naturalist DONT NEED TO KNOWoReptilesamphibiansherpetologist mammalsmammalogist birdsornithologist plantsbotanist insectsentomologist fliesdipterist butterflieslepidopterist beetlescoleopterist slugsmalacologist there are also generalistsRT Peterson made the first field guide for ornithology and in it saidthe most rewarding byproduct of birding is a sharpening of the senses develop awareness and regard for lifeA major theme of the course is adaptations of animals to solve their problemsAdaptations features or traits that offer plants and animals an advantage in solving problemsoSolve problems in order to reproduce pass on genesoCan be physical features physiological biochemical ie giving off chemicals attack pheromones from wasps behavioural eg the crows in Ottawa flocking to the hospitaloThey are not acts of intelligence they are genetically programmedoThey arise because of selective pressures that favour individuals with a survival advantage that is highlighted by variation within a populationoHumans have automatically removed themselves from selective pressuresTemperature wind etc are abiotic stresses bc they are not living entitiesBiotic stresses are living stressors eg predators competition for food matingAll pressures add up to natural selection driving force behind evolution chooses individuals which can accommodate changes in their environmentNatural history is all about survival and passing on genesWhen we see an animal it is only seen in a snapshot in time5 units to the courseoStaying alive animals fighting back plantsoElemental solutions to environmental stressoHow they obtain nutrition dietary concerns preparing for winteroRoad to immortality reproductionoHow things protect their genetic investment parental care seed dispersal Staying AliveThere are physical chemical and behavioural defensesPhysical defensesoOne of the most basic is camouflageconcealmentThe art of not being seenVarious kinds which allows them to hide so wellColourBackground matching body patternscolours match that of the environmentCalled cryptic colourationAlong with this comes being still allows you to blend in more carefully called crypsisOnly works on very specific backgrounds bc backgrounds vary so muchDifferent habitats offer different backgroundsMarshes have vertical flora ie cattails so marsh animals often have vertical stripes in order to match the backdropAmerican Bittern sticks its head up to be more uprightIs this intelligence Every adaptation is imperfect Its eyes are moved forward on its head toward the bill to accommodate this stance but now it cant see behind it so is vulnerable to attack
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