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CamouflageColours and patterns that allow animals to blend into the backgroundCrypsisThe art of concealment or remaining hidden camouflage combined with motionless behaviourBackground MatchingDisruptive PatternsOnly work if the animal remains completely still crypticBackground MatchingHaving the same general patterns and colours as the immediate environmentBackground Matching ExamplesGray Tree Frog changes colour Snowshoe Hare changes colour seasonally longtailed and shorttailed weaselsBackground Matching Examples in GrasslandsSparrowsSavannah SparrowBackground Matching Examples in MarshesAmerican BitternDisruptive PatternsPatterns that break up the general form of an animal making it hard to seeDisruptive Patterns ExamplesEyelines and EyestripesSongbirdsDisruptive Patterns ExamplesBreastbandsKilldeerDisruptive Patterns ExamplesNecklaceCommon Loons neckDisruptive Patterns ExamplesStripes and linesEastern Chipmunks back and faceDisruptive Patterns ExamplesNeck stripeCanada GooseBicolourationHaving a twotoned body usually dark above and light below often seen on animals that live near the surface of pondsBicolourationAllows for background matching from two directionsBicolouration ExamplesWater BoatmenBicolouration ExamplesBackswimmers light above and dark belowswim upside downCountershadingHaving a dark upper surfaces that shades a pale lower surface that when viewed from the side this makes an animal appear flat and not threedimensionalCountershading ExamplesWhitetailed deer sandpipers many bird including some hawksCountershadingalso known as SelfShadow ConcealmentMasquerade Background MimicryHaving the same physical appearance as part of the environmentMasquerade Background Mimicry ExamplesTwig MimicsWalking sticks inchworms caterpillarsMasquerade Background Mimicry ExamplesThorn MimicsTreehoppersMasquerade Background Mimicry ExamplesBark MimicsGray Tree Frog Eastern Screetch Owl
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