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BUSI 3300 Operations ManagementNameStudent ID Section DateReturn this question sheet along with your Scantron answer sheet be sure to mark your name and9digit studenton all of theseTests that cannot be fully identified may be assigned a mark of zeroTexas Instruments BA II Plus calculators are permitted as are printed nonelectronic translation dictionaries eg EnglishSpanishSection 1 Multiple Choice Questions Total Marks 50For each multiplechoice question choose the best answer from the list given and mark your choice on the Scantron sheetYou may use scrap paper for your rough calculations but only the final answer will be markedEach question is worth 2 marks1The three major functions of business organizationsAperform different but related activitiesBare related indirectly onlyCmust work together but not very closelyDfunction independently of each otherEperform similar and related activities2The actual demand and the forecasted demand for a product were as followsperiod123actual286255275forecast280290295Compute the MAPEA0077B77C203D23Enone of these3In an assembly operation at a furniture factory six employees assembled an average of 450 standard dining chairs per 5day week What is the labour productivity of this operationA90 chairsworkerdayD75 chairsworkerdayB20 chairsworkerdayEnone of the choices are correctC15 chairsworkerday4Which of the following is not a key way in which business organizations compete with oneanotherAproduct or service differentiationDvarietyBqualityEtimelinesCproduct duplicationPage 15Efficiency is defined as the ratio ofAactual output to effective capacityDeffective capacity to actual outputBactual output to design capacityEdesign capacity to actual outputCdesign capacity to effective capacity6Which of the following is not a typical source of ideas for new productsservicesAWarranty claimsDReverse engineeringBMarketing researchEAll of the choices are typical sourcesCInventory records7Which type of processing system tends to produce the most product varietyAAssemblyBJobShopCBatchDContinuousERepetitiveUse the following to answer question 8An operation analyst is forecasting this years demand for one of his companys products based on the following historical dataYEARQUANTITY SOLDFour years ago10000Three years ago12000Two years ago18000Last year200008What is this years forecast using exponential smoothing with alpha2 if last years forecast was 15000A20000B19000C17500D16000E15000Use the following to answer question 9A clothing manufacturer produces clothing in five locations in the US In a move to vertical integration the company is planning a new fabric production plant which will supply fabric to all five clothing plants The clothing plants have been located on a coordinate system as followsLocationXYA72B47C55D62Page 2
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