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Carleton University
Communication Studies
COMM 2102

Translation and FailureWhat do things mean How do we make meaningJohn Searle We should be astonished of what we take for grantedOne of the fascinating features of human life is that when we say things to people they do itWayne Simmons banana incident Culture can generate meaningMisunderstanding both makes and complicates meaningLanguage can generate meaning LanguageCultureMeaningCommunicationnever ending flow of translationsfailuresTranslation involvesTransfer of meaning from one person to anotherTransfer of meaning from one language to another not necessarily verbal Humans translate thought into languageHuman language involves 2 different things1Syntax rules about the composition of thoughts and ideas 2Semantics meaningHaving syntax makes it possible for humans to generate endless supplies of sentencesSemantics drives the importance of cultureThis is where meaning is generated Knowing thatmeans happy requires immense cultural knowledgeTranslation in linguistic senseTranslate from brain into wordsentencesSentences then communicate meaningAll communication is translationWe are always trying to translate or decode what people are saying in order to respond appropriately Ability to communicate depends on ability to translate
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