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Communication Studies TheoryFoundationsCOMM 2101AthSeptember 5 Sept 5Nov 28Theory provides an explanation better understanding of how communication worksWithout these theories there is no changeMAIN GOALSAnswer these five things for each theoryWhat is it seeking to explain its purposeWhenwhy it emergedKey theoristsKey concepts and how do they interact to explainHow those concepts are applied to explain aspects of communicationsthSHORT PAPER 1DUE September 26 in readers digest resource centreSeptember 12 2013PASSMonday 230330pm Canal Building 2308 Thursday 430530 in 118 PattersonWhat is theoryTheory is an idea or set of ideas that is intended to explain something Collins 1987 p 1515Empirically or analytically tested explanation of how or why things happen the way they do Basic definition is that it is an explanation of how things workGoals of TheoryNot all theories need to do all 4DescribeExplainPredict or understandReformTheory isA lens through which we view and understand a particular phenomenonEach lens has a number of assumptions that are applied in the analysis of that particular phenomenonNo lens is complete all have limitationsDifferent lenses competecontradict each otherAll lenses are continually being definedrefinedYou can have contradictory theoriesEmergence of theoryHow does theory emergeGaps in knowledgeReaction to somethingBuilds on limitations of previous theoryTheory is built upon and adaptedTypes of TheoriesGrand or metatheory very broadBig Bang Theory not the TV showFormal or mini theory more specific to phenomenon within disciplinePhotosynthesis Emergent theory adapted within a research setting Global warming is the cause of Alberta FloodsWere not just looking at the theory of relativity or grand theories There are a bunch of different levels of theory that are not substantiated but they are still theoriesWhat counts as good theoryBoersema 19981Extensivecovers large amount of phenomenon2Applicablestimulates new research3Testable4Simple5Internallyexternally consistent6Modifiable to accommodate new infoAcademically needs to build upon past theory and acknowledge limitationsKey understandingsSchool of thoughtgroup of people that subscribe to this particular understand that develop theory around it Typically studied or worked at the same institutions eg the Toronto SchoolTheoretical frameworka group of theories with common foundations assumptions and limitations eg Marxismcultural studiesIn interdisciplinary communication studies scholars often work within a theoretical framework drawing key elementsargument from multiple theoretical works within the frameworkTheorya lens entity through which we understand a particular phenomenon Constituted by a set of concepts and their interrelationshipsConceptan abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances meriamwebster dictionarySomething that enlightens and explains the phenomenon at issuesIndividual element of a theory that interacts with other elements to explain phenomenonPut in another way To see how they all work togetherTheoretical frameworkRecipe book for stewsSchool of thoughtChapter on French stew cookingTheoryIndividual stew recipesConceptIndividual ingredientsPractice theory
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