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Communication Studies
COMM 2102
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Sept 1211Lecture 1Intro Communication Theory Why BotherBecause there is no straight definition strengthens the core of communication studiesWagman there are three answersassumptions to why we shudder the philosophical thinkingits not for us It is for higher reasons and theory is above usResponse these three assumptions are misconceptions about theorypeople who write theories are just people with real experiences ie must take into account their own context and lifestyletheory is too abstract and complexResponse a theory is just a way of explaining a way of social phenomenatheory is complicated not unnecessarily abstract but life is complexmaybe too life is not complicated but that we are simpleinapplicable does not apply to real lifeResponse how do we know the relationship between the twothere is no measuremany adviceselfhelp are theoriesie Dr Phil promotes a philosophy of livingthere are practical applications of theoretical principlesie advertisementWhat if theory doesnt applyEverything applies within its specific contextnothing makes sense outside its own contextie uniformsSending messages to receiversSent MessageReceiverThere are many different definitions of what communication is means communication is deeply philosophicalThe fact that there is no one definition is because we have so many ways of communicationThe fundamental problem of communicationis that of reproducing at one point either exactly or approimately a message selected at another point Claude ShannonTheory is like an arrow sent from one source to the other sideMathematical Theory of Communication 1948Democracy will have its full consummation when free social inquiry is indissolubly wedded to the art of full and moving communication John DeweyThe Public and its Problems 1927healthy communication leads to healthy democracystudy the relationship between communication and democracythe way we communicate is a good gage on the healthiness of our democracyCommunication is a registry for modern longingsIt is a sink into which most of our hopes and fears seem to be pouredJohn Durham PetersSpeaking into the Air 1999longing for better waysCommunication breakdown its always the same Im having a nervous breakdown drives me insane Led ZeppelinCommunication BreakdownLady Gaga Telephoneways that communication is interruptiveWays of Communicationclothes communicate a certain messagecommunication is about reading writing feeling touching everything done is communicating somethingSTUFF THINGStheorizing is turning stuff into thingsthings mean nothing unless put into the service of sending a messageconverting stuff into things of thinkingthink about the relationship between the way we communicate and the way we thinkLAWS3908AWeek 2 Theory Methodology and Scholarly Development Knowledge facts experiences awarenesses social normsThe representations of reality or an object or thing constructed through our subjective analysisHumans are the grasping subject attempting to understand reality and we generate knowledge through this processWe represent our true beliefs and claims about something and claims can be challengedKnowledge what it is what is true and what is not true are highly contestedFoundations of Knowledgeepistemology study of knowledgeits sources and limitshow we make knowledgehow we know what we knowa knowing subject reflects on the object known or to be knownontology the nature of our beliefmaterialists are more interested in thisfundamental categories of beingLinda Alcoff ontologies can be thought of as models of the world of realityAttributed characteristics such as colour are ontological categories or propertiescritical approaches to knowledge
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