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CARLETONCOMP 3000Michel BarbeauFall

COMP 3000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Virtual Memory, System Call, Strace

OC63727816 Page
24 Mar 2019
Assignment 1 solutions: [1] what system call is used to send signals. A: fork is needed to create a new process, and execve is needed to load the progr
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CARLETONCOMP 3000Michel BarbeauSummer

COMP 3000 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gnu Compiler Collection, Readwrite, Write Protection

OC246204235 Page
1 Jun 2018
In this project, we are going to build a simple harmless. Rootkit is special type of malware (cid:271)e(cid:272)ause people did(cid:374)(cid:859)t k(ci
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