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Carleton University
HIST 1300

Sept 17Old history 18901960 what most of history has beenfocused on economy political figuresGeorge Wrongdefined Canada by culture of toleranceHarold Adams Innis 18941952created staple thesisidea that Canadas social and political structure are a result of its staple products ie fur fish wheatCod Fishery History of an International Economysecond major workexplained how staple thesis can lead to stunted growthnot enough tradeDonald Creighton 19021975put history emphasis back on people and personal storiesNew History 1960smore diverse groups attending universitybaby boomers not interested in old historyhistory starts to become more personal Mothers of Confederationwoman and wives of fathers of confederation which helped organize and setup social meetings and events which helped progress the signing of confederationSept 24World Parent Storyaboriginal creation story that is based around idea that people used to live in sky until falling downBeringia Land Bridge Theorytheory that first new world settlers came by a land passage from asia to Alaska roughly 20000 years agofirst theorized by Jose de Acosta 450 years agoTransOceanic Migration Theorycontests beringia theorysuggests people came on boats from Asia to California and that humans have known how to travel water for 30000 yearstheorized by Vine Deloria 1995
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