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HIST 1707

HIST1707Critical Analysis 1 ColumbusLetter to King Ferdinand and Queen IsabellaHistorians are faced with the task of looking at historical evidence and its narratives objectively In a way they act as detectives and storytellers to reconstruct the past so that future generations can attain more clearer interpretations from the insights left behind In the case ofdiscovering the New World blindness of historical inquiry has led many to attribute such a great victory to Christopher Columbus This letter from one of the most prominent historical figures in North American historylike so many historical narrativesis not without its biases distortions or inaccuracy Arguably these objective shortcomings were particularly used by Columbus to appease his Royal benefactors and imprint his name in historypainting himself in the myths of Spanish conquest The letter was written primarily off the coast of the Canary Islands upon his return around February 15th 1493 However additions were made after lightening ship in Lisbon as a result of tumultuous weather This occurred around March 4th 1493 Originally written by Columbus this document is a reconstruction of the original which had been lost Thus skepticism about authenticity and accuracy can be drawn upon as the words arent straight for the horses mouth Columbus proposed route was an intellectual and navigational upheaval of Marco Polos route to Asia This is because Columbus believed heading west from Portugal was the shortest and most efficient route Presenting his findings to King John II of Portugal he hoped his voyage would be funded However making note of more accurate
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