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HIST 2401
Julie Johnson

Frederick Jackson TurnerWEB Du Bois The first African American to earn a Equal Rights Amendment Was a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution designed doctorate he became a professor of history sociology and The significance of the frontier in American history The to guarantee equal rights for women The ERA was economics at Atlanta University Du Bois was one of the cooriginally written by Alice Paul and in 1923 it was environment of the New World shaped American character founders of the National Association for the Advancement of introduced in the Congress for the first time In 1972 the further one moved away from Europe the less like Colored PeopleNAACP in 1909 DuBois rose to national it passed both houses of Congress and went to the state Europeans one becamethe line of the frontierthe meeting prominence as the leader of the Niagara Movement a group of legislatures for ratification The resolution in Congress point between savagery and civilization created a people AfricanAmerican activists who wanted equal rights for blacks that proposed the amendment set a ratification more selfreliant more democratic more individualisticDu Bois and his supporters opposed the Atlanta Compromise deadline of March 22 1979 Through 1977 the Therefore the most distinctive features of American national amendment received 35 of the necessary 38 an agreement crafted by Booker T Washington which provided state ratifications Five of those states later rescinded identity come from the Great West not New England that Southern blacks would work and submit to white political their ratifications before the 1979 deadline though the Lectured on his thesis at The Columbia Exposition of 1893rule while Southern whites guaranteed that blacks would validity of this is disputedreceive basic educational and economic opportunities Instead Du Bois insisted on full civil rights and increased political representation which he believed would be brought about by the AfricanAmerican intellectual elite He referred to this group as the talented tenth and believed that African Americans needed the chances for advanced education to develop its leadershipFrontier Thesis The moral lesson of the frontier experience Nativism The political position of demanding a favored status Black Power It is a term that emerged to break the was that violence and savage war for certain established inhabitants of a nation as compared to white strong hold on white psychology failed to claims of newcomers or immigrants Nativism typically address the inequalities found in black culture It were necessary instruments of American progressthe means opposition to immigration and support of efforts to lower alienates white power from civil rights The Black programme evenincluded an essay entitled The rifle as an the political or legal status of specific ethnic or cultural groups Panther Party was created by Huey Newton and aid to civilization the bullet is the pioneer of civilization because the groups are considered hostile or alien to the natural Bobby Seale William Julius argued that there needed for it has gone hand in hand with the axe that cleared theculture and assumptions that they cannot be assimilatedto be a major restructuring to address black povertyforest and with the family Bible and school book
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