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A Defense of the Death PenaltyAncient tradition biblical times endorsed by mainstream philosophersAquinas and Kant humans rational agents with dignity forfeits right to life by killing so deserves to die deontological argumentBentham and Mill punishment serves as deterrent capital punishment adequate deterrent to murder consequentialist argumentIn Favor of the Death PenaltyRetributiono3 propositionsAll guilty deserve to be punished Only the guilty deserve to be punishedThe guilty deserve to be punished in proportion to severity of their crime supported by JeffersonoDifference between retribution and vengeanceVengeance is done due to anger retribution is based on what the criminal deserves a fitting punishmentoNot based on hatred for criminaloDP reminds us there are consequences for our actionsDeterrenceoUtilitarian theoryoSociological evidence doesnt show that this is true or that it is not true therefor it is highly contested amongst scholarsoDP would deter most rational criminally minded people from committing murderoPublic executions would act as deterrent to other would be criminalsoCommon sense argumentWhat people fear more will have greater deterrent effect on themPeople fear death more than they do any other humane punishmentDeath penalty is a humane punishmentTherefore people will be deterred more by death penalty than any other humane punishmentoDeath more fearful than life imprisonment
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