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Planetary Astronomy Exam Notes

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Trent University
PHYS 1901
David Maybury

Planetary Astronomy Scientific MethodScientific method was the cornerstone for science only 350 years oldScientists weigh evidence to qualify the level of doubt in an ideaEmphasised on empirical studiesBuilt on the foundation of doubtFrom observations scientists can build theoriesTheory a set of ideas to provide a logical framework of explanation for observations makes predictions about future observations usually rooted on a simple principle Theories must be testable continually tested consistent and simpleelegant They come with a range or scale of applicability Be connected to the consistency idea each theory in a different range contains the old one as well Overview of the UniverseOld big and growingLight speed300000 kmsWe see things as they were not how they areHubble discovered that the Universe is expanding distance between galaxies increases with timeNatural occurring radiation in the Earths rocks suggests that the solar system is 45 billion years oldThe Universe is smooth with uniform ingredientsAll stars and planets in the universe are made of the same stuffDark Matter and Dark Energy Are concurrent mysteries stuff out there not in the periodic table Scientific Notation 9 Uses exponents for simplification100000000010 Celestial SphereObvious view everything goes around the EarthCelestial LatitudeDeclination 90 to 90Celestial LongitudeRight Ascension 0hr to 24hrObservers can see half of the celestial sphere at a timeBackground stars appear to be fixed to the celestial sphere
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