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Chapter 7The processes of Memory1Encoding Transforming info that can be stored2Storage involves keeping and maintaining information in memory3Retrieval occurs when information stored in memory is brought to mind AttentionInvolves focusing awareness on a narrowed range of stimuli or event As a filter to determine things we will remember and those we wontWe remember what we focus onCocktail Party Phenomenon suggest we filter info late in the processwe can block info out and only pick up on that which has meaning to us Levels of Processing HypothesisAttention is not enough We need to process information at a deeper level if we want to remember if for a long time3 Levels of Processing1 Shallow structural emphasizes the physical structure of the stimulus2 Intermediate Phonemic emphasizes what a word sounds like3Deep semantic emphasizes what the meaning of verbal inputOther Effects on Encoding1Elaboration is linking a stimulus to other information at the time of encoding Exampleapplying a concept like classical conditioning to your own fears of spiders2Visual Imagery the creation of visual images to represent the words to be remembered Exampleif you want to remember the word juggler you can imagine someone juggling Its easier to visualize some words then others 3SelfReferent encodingdeciding how or whether information is personally relevant The Three Memory Systems
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